red Light Therapy Wrap for Neck
Red Light Therapy Neck Wrap
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Red Light Therapy Wrap for Neck Pain | OrthoPro
Red Light Therapy Wrap for Neck

Red Light Therapy Wrap for Neck Pain | OrthoPro

“Effective, convenient, pure neck relief. The quality is good. Love the red light therapy benefit" - Sophie M ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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🔸 Professional-Grade Led Light Therapy

🔸Physiotherapist Endorsed & Approved

🔸 Designed for Neck Pain Relief

🔸 Safe & Natural Solution

🔸 Multi-Function use for Neck, Wrist and Ankle

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Physiotherapist Endorsed and Approved

Unique Features of the Red Light Therapy Wrap for Neck Pain

Professional-Grade Led Red Light Therapy: Contains 24 powerful light bulbs which have both 660nm red and 850nm infrared light chips. 660nm red light can reach the deep layers of the skin to stimulate cellular repair and promote circulation. 850nm infrared light penetrates deeply to target bones, joints, nerves, and muscles which in turn helps to reduce inflammation, relax muscles, reduce pain, and improve recovery.

the science of red light therapy

Multi-Function: Our red light therapy wrap targets key areas of the body, offering therapeutic benefits to the neck, wrist, and ankles.

Tailored Therapy at Your Fingertips: Enjoy a user-friendly experience with our red light wrap's added timer function. Customize your therapy sessions by setting precise durations between 15-30-45 minutes. Whether you're sitting, lying down, or exercising, our lightweight and portable design provides hands-free convenience for seamless integration into your daily routine.

red light therapy belt for neck

Effortless Installation and On-the-Go Power: Installing the red light therapy wrap is a breeze, meeting your diverse usage needs effortlessly. Choose between adapter or power bank mode, empowering you to use your own power bank for ultimate flexibility and convenience.

Great Gift for Wellness: Elevate your gift-giving with our red light therapy wrap—a perfect birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day present. Show your loved ones you care with the gift of self-care. Every purchase comes with a one-year warranty, backed by our commitment to caring customer service and a supportive community. 


Red light wavelengths stimulate injured cell mitochondria, enabling self-repair. Mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells, rejuvenate and produce healthy cells. When cells are injured, the mitochondria can't function for repair and replication. Red and Infrared Light Therapy provides energy to all cells, especially the injured ones. This energy reactivates stalled mitochondria, allowing injured cells to produce new, healthy ones.

Our red light therapy neck wrap, featuring 660nm red light and 850nm infrared light, works wonders on your body. It activates damaged cells, boosts cell metabolism, and penetrates deep into subcutaneous tissues for maximum impact.

The 660nm light stimulates collagen cells, accelerates their growth, promotes blood circulation, and regulates the nervous system. The result? Improved body immunity, fading stretch marks, and tighter skin. 

In the realm of red light therapy, the 660nm and 850nm wavelengths have very great impacts on your body, boosting blood circulation, enhancing immunity, slowing skin aging, fading scars, relieving discomfort, and caring for muscle strain.

Your body repairs the injury from within. Our Red Light Therapy Wrap for Neck Pain | OrthoPro is ideal for neck relaxation, healing, relaxing muscles, reducing pain, and improving recovery.

the science of red light therapy

What Symptoms Require the Red Light Therapy Wrap ?

✔️ Muscle Tension: Red light therapy helps relax muscles and may reduce tension in the neck area.

✔️ Stiffness: If you have stiffness in your neck, the therapy wrap can aid in promoting flexibility and relieving stiffness.

✔️ Soreness: For those dealing with general neck soreness, the red light therapy wrap can provide relief and promote a sense of comfort.

✔️ Mild Neck Pain: Individuals with mild neck pain due to factors such as poor posture, stress, or minor injuries may find relief through the use of the therapy wrap.

✔️ Fatigue: If you experience neck fatigue or tiredness, the therapy can contribute to relaxation and recovery.

✔️ Discomfort from Desk Work: People who spend long hours at a desk or working on computers may benefit from the therapy to address discomfort associated with sedentary activities.

✔️ Post-Exercise Strain: The red light therapy wrap can be used to address neck discomfort or strain resulting from physical activities or exercise.

✔️ Minor Injuries: Individuals recovering from minor neck injuries, strains, or sprains may find the therapy supportive in the healing process.

✔️ Poor Circulation: Red light therapy promotes blood circulation, which can be helpful for individuals with poor circulation in the neck area.

✔️ Headaches: Headaches may be associated with neck tension. Red light therapy provides relief and reduces the frequency of such headaches.

what symptoms need to use red light neck wrap

How To Use - Red Light Therapy Wrap for Neck

how to use red light therapy wrap for neck pain

Product Specification - Red Light Therapy Wrap for Neck

🔹 Product name: Red Light Therapy Wrap for Neck Pain | OrthoPro

🔹 Application: Neck, Wrist and Ankle

🔹 LED quantity: 24PCS (0.6W-LED chip)

🔹 Spectrum: 660:850 (660nm: 24*1 crystal/piece, 850nm: 24*1 crystal/piece)

🔹 Input voltage: AC 100-240V

🔹 Output voltage: DC 5V 2A

🔹 Material: Cloth + Diving Material

🔹 Optical power: 124.1mw

🔹 Item weight: 0.35kg

🔹 Maximum Actual Power: 5W

🔹 Size of the Wrap: 63 x 9cm

red light therapy packaging


The Red Light Therapy Wrap utilizes dual-spectrum technology, emitting both 660nm visible red light and 850nm invisible infrared light. These wavelengths penetrate the skin to promote cellular repair and reduce inflammation, specifically addressing muscle tension and discomfort in the neck area.

For optimal results, sessions can be customized based on individual needs and preferences. The wrap features a timer function, allowing users to set therapy durations between 15 to 45 minutes. The flexibility in session duration enables users to tailor the treatment to their specific requirements for neck pain relief.

Yes, indeed. While designed for neck pain relief, the Red Light Therapy Wrap is versatile and can be applied to various body parts, such as the wrist and ankle. The dual-spectrum technology provides a comprehensive therapeutic experience, making it a versatile solution for addressing pain and discomfort in different areas of the body.

Absolutely. The Red Light Therapy Wrap is lightweight, easy to install, and comes with a convenient storage bag. This portability allows users to enjoy therapy not only at home but also in the office or during travel. Additionally, the wrap supports both adapter and power bank modes, providing flexibility in power sources and enhancing its suitability for on-the-go use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sophie Miller
Effective, convenient, pure neck relief.

The quality is good. Love the red light therapy benefit

Logan Reed

Happy with the purchase, started using it. Arrived very well packed in its box and it works very well, I hope it helps my cervical neck pain

Mason Brooks

Great results so far. Pain relief around the wrist

Owen Mitchell

perfect as described very nice product, I use red light therapy for my knees frequently. Very satisfied

Joel Beier

Works perfectly

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