About Us

The world is in pain. Millions of people are living with the misery of severe muscle aches, with back, neck and joint injuries accounting for the largest number of chronic pain cases. 

The global pandemic hasn’t made it easier. With a huge number of employees now working from home, the dramatic shifts in eating habits, poor sitting postures, constant use of cell phones, lack of regular physical activities and psychological stress continue to harm our physical and mental health.

Reason why OrthoJointRelief was born. 

Having experienced several injuries growing up, our founder, Ian Ezra, was determined to find relief for his constant pain and joint aches. Mainstream products couldn’t offer any help, so he created ones that could. 

Chiropractor approved, OrthoJointRelief products are designed to make the pain go away in no time at all. Our goal is to bring you the ultimate products for pain relief so you can get back to performing your daily tasks happily and with ease. 

From neck stiffness to swollen legs, chronic back pain and twisted wrists, OrthoJointRelief can bring relief to any of your physical aches. 

Don’t settle for any kind of pain in your body.

Add to basket and make your pain a thing of the past. 

OrthoJointRelief: Live Pain Free!