Cervical Neck Traction Device
Cervical Neck Traction Device for neck pain
neck support collar for neck pain
Neck Traction Device
neck brace for neck pain
neck stretcher for neck posture correction
neck brace
neck support collarfor neck pain
neck stretcher
neck support collar
cervical collar
cervical collar
cervical collar for neck posture support

OrthoPro - Breathable Mesh Airbag Cervical Neck Traction Device

"Fantastic results from this brace, a bit pricy but you get what you pay for, well worth the five star rating" - Robert H ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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🔸 Won The 2022 German Red Dot Design Award

🔸 New Generation Cervical Traction Brace

🔸 2021 Pioneering Technology Neck Traction Device

🔸 Integrated Wireless Airbag Support

🔸 Ergonomic & Breathable Material

🔸 Free Next Day UK Delivery | Royal Mail Tracked 24

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Certification - Cervical Neck Traction


1) NEW GENERATION CERVICAL TRACTION: 2021 pioneering technology neck traction device designed with integrated airbag support not only provides front and back traction, but also arc traction with 6 built-in air columns, provides comfortable stretching, and can be easily worn anywhere at any time.

2) ERGONOMIC DESIGN + BREATHABLE MATERIAL: The ergonomic V-shaped design improves the cervical spine's physiological curve and increases wear comfort. Furthermore, the skin-friendly, sweat-absorbing, breathable fabric makes you feel less stuffy. 


neck stretcher is certificated by FDA

3) INTEGRATED WIRELESS AIRBAG SUPPORT: The wireless airbag integrates with a neck stretcher. Plus, 6 levels of height adjustment & 3 levels of post-neck adjustment keep the cervical amplitude as close to 20 degrees, which scientifically improves the cervical vertebrae.

4) ANTI-C HIGH-PRESSURE AIRBAG: The 6 atmospheric columns are filled with gas to drive the cervical spine space, relieves the compression of the head, and helps to stretch and support the cervical spine.

neck brace support

The cervical spine can suffer significant damage from using a computer, phone, or sitting for extended periods of time at work, which can cause muscular stiffness, shoulder discomfort, and forward neck tilt. Try out the latest three-power cervical traction device daily for 15 to 30 minutes to reduce neck and nerve discomfort as well as nausea, dizziness, and limb weakness, and restore the cervical spine's natural curvature

neck traction device for your neck pain

Our Breathable Mesh Airbag Cervical Neck Traction Device forms 360-degree dimensional protection against various cervical diseases. The device helps to protect and fix the natural curvature of the cervical spine. Our innovative cervical neck traction device has been endorsed by physiotherapists and is medically certified.

Products Details

1) Applicable Symptoms: Suitable for fixation of neck trauma, cervical spine fixation, and for fixation of patients suffering from cervical spondylosis

applicable symptoms of neck traction device

2) When to use the Cervical Neck Traction Device: Anytime And Anywhere such as when reading a book, watching TV, using a computer, talking on the phone, walking, or working. We recommend using it for 15-30 minutes each time and using it twice a day.

when to use neck traction device

3) Benefits of the Cervical Neck Traction Device: Reduces neck and spinal pressure, promotes blood circulation in the brain, and restores your healthy cervical vertebrae.

Benefits of Cervical Neck Traction Device

Features Of Integrated Air Pump Neck Stretcher

Features Of Integrated Air Pump Neck Stretcher

✔️Integrated movable board: V-shaped head-up, ergonomic, strong, and stable support. Three-dimensional liner: Improve the comfort of use, detachable design, easier to clean.

✔️Heightened padding: Larger protection area, adopt HDPE material and leather.

✔️Abrasion-resistant skeleton: Lightweight, abrasion-resistant, and can be worn for a long time.

✔️Skin-friendly fabric: Breathable and offers perspiration in contact with the skin.


Specifications of the Neck Traction Device:

✔️ Material: Sponge, Fleece Cloth, Mesh Cloth

✔️ Effect: Bone Care

✔️ Item Type: Neck Brace Support, neck stretcher, neck support collar, neck traction

✔️ Application: NECK

✔️ Weight: 370g

neck traction device

    • 1 x Cervical Neck Traction Device
    • 1 x User Manual
neck brace package


Yes, all of our products include a one year warranty!

Yes, this is suitable, effective and safe for all adults.

We recommend to begin with using the brace 1-2 times in a day. A maximum of 15 minutes per usage.

Delivery time is the next business day via Royal Mail Tracked 24.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Emily from Warwick loves this

So worth it! I have neck pains due to my stiff neck so this definitely helped me and reduced the pain.

Mike Mayes

I received the neck brace very quick. It was very well made and fitted very well, I hope in the future I will gain improvement and less pain.

Mark Davis
Comfortable support

I have sleep apnoea, and cannot tolerated a mask. The cervical brace restores my neck position as an alternative, and I can now sleep much better.

Charles Marshall
Neck Brace

Good product, the knob that turns has a way to lock itself in place to stop it moving once you select the height.

Philip Blackham

Great Cervical Neck Traction Device

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