Cervical Neck Traction Device
Cervical Neck Traction Device for neck pain
neck support collar for neck pain
Neck Traction Device
neck brace for neck pain
neck stretcher for neck posture correction
neck brace
neck support collarfor neck pain
neck stretcher
neck support collar
cervical collar
cervical collar
cervical collar for neck posture support

Neck Traction Device UK | Ortho Joint Relief

"Fantastic results from this brace, a bit pricy but you get what you pay for, well worth the five star rating"

- Robert H ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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🔸 Won The 2022 German Red Dot Design Award

🔸 New Generation Cervical Traction Brace

🔸 2021 Pioneering Technology Neck Traction Device

🔸 Integrated Wireless Airbag Support

🔸 Ergonomic & Breathable Material

🔸 Free Next Day UK Delivery | Royal Mail Tracked 24

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  •  Material: Sponge, Fleece Cloth, Mesh Cloth
  •  Effect: Bone Care
  •  Item Type: Neck Brace Support, neck stretcher, neck support collar, neck traction
  •  Application: NECK
  •  Weight: 370g
  • 1 x Cervical Neck Traction Device
  • 1 x User Manual

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NEW GENERATION CERVICAL TRACTION: 2021 pioneering technology neck traction device designed with integrated airbag support not only provides front and back traction, but also arc traction with 6 built-in air columns, provides comfortable stretching, and can be easily worn anywhere at any time.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN + BREATHABLE MATERIAL: The ergonomic V-shaped design improves the cervical spine's physiological curve and increases wear comfort. Furthermore, the skin-friendly, sweat-absorbing, breathable fabric makes you feel less stuffy. 


INTEGRATED WIRELESS AIRBAG SUPPORT: The wireless airbag integrates with a neck stretcher. Plus, 6 levels of height adjustment & 3 levels of post-neck adjustment keep the cervical amplitude as close to 20 degrees, which scientifically improves the cervical vertebrae.

ANTI-C HIGH-PRESSURE AIRBAG: The 6 atmospheric columns are filled with gas to drive the cervical spine space, relieves the compression of the head, and helps to stretch and support the cervical spine.

restore the cervical spine's natural curvature.

The cervical spine can suffer significant damage from using a computer, phone, or sitting for extended periods of time at work, which can cause muscular stiffness, shoulder discomfort, and forward neck tilt. Try out the latest three-power cervical traction device daily for15 to 30 minutes to reduce neck and nerve discomfort as well as nausea, dizziness, and limb weakness, and restore the cervical spine's natural curvature. 

Our Breathable Mesh Airbag Cervical Neck Traction Device forms 360-degree dimensional protection against various cervical diseases. The device helps to protect and fix the natural curvature of the cervical spine. Our innovativecervical neck traction devicehas beenendorsed by physiotherapists and is medically certified.


Suitable for fixation of neck trauma, cervical spine fixation, and for fixation of patients suffering from cervical spondylosis. 

You can use it anytime and anywhere such as when reading a book, watching TV, using a computer, talking on the phone, walking, or working. We recommend using it for 15-30 minutes each time and using it twice a day.

Benefits of the Cervical Neck Traction Device

Reduces neck and spinal pressure, promotes blood circulation in the brain, and restores your healthy cervical vertebrae.

V-shaped head-up, ergonomic, strong, and stable support. Three-dimensional liner: Improve the comfort of use, detachable design, easier to clean.

Larger protection area, adopt HDPE material and leather.

Lightweight, abrasion-resistant, and can be worn for a long time.

Breathable and offers perspiration in contact with the skin.


Yes, all of our neck traction devices are backed by a one-year warranty. This ensures that you can use our products with peace of mind, knowing that support is available should you encounter any issues with your device.

Our neck traction devices are designed for adult use. They are both effective and safe for all adults looking for relief from cervical neck pain or seeking to improve their cervical spine health.

For new users, we recommend starting with one to two sessions per day, with each session lasting no more than 15 minutes. As you become accustomed to the device and depending on your comfort and the advice of your healthcare provider, you may adjust the frequency and duration.

We offer next business day delivery for all our neck traction devices, thanks to our partnership with Royal Mail Tracked 24. This service ensures that you receive your device promptly after placing your order, allowing you to start benefiting from it as soon as possible.

Many individuals report immediate relief from neck pain after just a few treatments with a cervical traction device. Common benefits include reduced pain and decreased stiffness and tension in the neck muscles, indicating that these devices can be very effective when used properly.

While beneficial for many, neck traction can sometimes lead to increased discomfort or pain if not done correctly. Overuse or incorrect use can exacerbate neck issues rather than alleviate them. It's crucial to follow usage instructions carefully and consult healthcare professionals if in doubt.

Traction at home can be done safely using a neck traction device designed for home use. Ensure you follow the device’s instructions for setup and use, start with shorter durations to gauge your comfort and response, and gradually increase as needed under the guidance of a healthcare provider.

Most of the vertebral separation induced by traction occurs within the first seven seconds of application. However, to achieve muscle relaxation and more lasting relief from symptoms, sessions typically last between 20 to 25 minutes. Consistent use over time is generally necessary to see significant improvements.

These questions and answers aim to guide and inform users about the safe and effective use of neck traction devices, helping them achieve the best outcomes with their treatment.

Yes, our devices are designed to be used while engaging in various sedentary activities such as reading, watching TV, working at a computer, or even while walking. The ergonomic design and breathable materials make the device comfortable to wear during these activities, ensuring you can integrate your cervical health regime seamlessly into your daily routine.

To maintain the effectiveness and longevity of your neck traction device, we recommend regularly cleaning it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Most devices are made from materials like sponge, fleece cloth, and mesh cloth, which are easy to clean and maintain.

If you experience any increase in pain or discomfort while using the device, it is recommended to stop using it immediately and consult with a healthcare professional. While some mild discomfort can be normal, particularly when starting a new treatment, any sharp or persistent pain should be assessed by a professional to ensure safe usage.

These frequently asked questions are designed to help users understand the best practices for using neck traction devices at home and to ensure their experience is as beneficial and safe as possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Besarta Kastrati

I absolutely love the neck brace. It is more than what I expected. Very very comfortable
Love it

Emily from Warwick loves this

So worth it! I have neck pains due to my stiff neck so this definitely helped me and reduced the pain.

Mike Mayes

I received the neck brace very quick. It was very well made and fitted very well, I hope in the future I will gain improvement and less pain.

Mark Davis
Comfortable support

I have sleep apnoea, and cannot tolerated a mask. The cervical brace restores my neck position as an alternative, and I can now sleep much better.

Charles Marshall
Neck Brace

Good product, the knob that turns has a way to lock itself in place to stop it moving once you select the height.

Introduction to Neck Traction Devices in the UK

Neck traction devices, also known as cervical traction devices, have gained significant popularity in the UK for their ability to provide relief from neck pain and support cervical health. These devices come in various forms, including neck braces, neck stretchers, and neck support collars, each designed to cater to different needs and preferences.

The core material of these devices often includes a combination of sponge, fleece cloth, and mesh cloth, ensuring both comfort and durability. Weighing around 370 grams, these devices are lightweight yet robust enough to offer effective bone care and neck support. One notable product in this category is the new generation cervical traction device, which has been recognised for its innovative design and functionality with the 2022 German Red Dot Design Award.

This advanced neck traction device incorporates pioneering technology from 2021, featuring an integrated wireless airbag support system. It provides comprehensive traction not just from front to back but also along an arc, thanks to its six built-in air columns. This design facilitates a comfortable stretch, making it possible to use the device anytime and anywhere.

Ergonomically designed to enhance the physiological curve of the cervical spine, these neck traction devices also focus on user comfort. The V-shaped design increases the comfort level, while the breathable, skin-friendly materials reduce the potential for discomfort during use. This combination of ergonomic design and breathable materials helps users achieve optimal benefits from cervical traction without feeling stuffy or constrained.

For residents in the UK, the added convenience of free next-day delivery through Royal Mail Tracked 24 ensures that relief is just a day away. Whether you're at home or on the go, these neck traction devices are designed to provide effective pain relief and support for cervical conditions, promoting a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle.

Types of Neck Traction Devices Available

In the UK, the market for neck traction devices offers a variety of options designed to cater to different needs related to cervical health and pain relief. Each type of device boasts unique features aimed at alleviating neck pain, restoring the natural curvature of the cervical spine, and providing support in various daily activities. Here are some of the most prominent types available

1. Adjustable Neck Cervical Brace

This device is a standout in the realm of cervical spine care, incorporating cutting-edge technology from 2021 with integrated wireless airbag support. The brace provides both front and back traction as well as arc traction, thanks to its six built-in air columns, which offer adjustable heights and post-neck adjustments to maintain optimal cervical alignment. The device's ergonomic design enhances the physiological curve of the cervical spine, making it comfortable for prolonged use.

2. Breathable Mesh Airbag Cervical Neck Traction Device

Known for its 360-degree dimensional protection, this cervical neck traction device is particularly effective in protecting and fixing the natural curvature of the cervical spine. Endorsed by physiotherapists and medically certified, it features an anti-C high-pressure airbag that fills with gas to drive the cervical spine space, relieving head compression and aiding in the support and stretch of the cervical vertebrae.

3. Three-Power Cervical Traction Device

Ideal for those suffering from the effects of long periods of computer use, phone usage, or sitting, this traction device works to reduce muscular stiffness, shoulder discomfort, and forward neck tilt. Recommended for daily use, it can significantly lessen neck and nerve discomfort, as well as associated symptoms like nausea and dizziness, by restoring the cervical spine’s natural curvature.

4. Ergonomic Cervical Traction Stretcher

This device offers a strong and stable support with its V-shaped head-up design. It features a three-dimensional liner that enhances user comfort and includes a detachable design for easy cleaning. The materials used are HDPE and leather, providing a larger protection area that is both durable and lightweight, making it suitable for extended wear.

Benefits and Usage: Each of these devices reduces neck and spinal pressure, promotes blood circulation, and restores the health of cervical vertebrae. They are designed to be used in various settings, whether you are reading, watching TV, working, or walking. Typically, it is recommended to use these devices for 15-30 minutes at a time, twice a day, to achieve the best results.

These devices represent the forefront of neck traction technology in the UK, offering innovative solutions for those seeking relief from cervical discomfort and aiming to improve their overall spinal health.

How to Use Neck Traction Devices Safely at Home

Neck traction devices are a valuable tool for those suffering from neck pain, cervical spine issues, and other related conditions. Using these devices correctly at home is crucial to ensure safety and effectiveness. Here are some guidelines on how to safely use neck traction devices in the UK:

1. Understanding Your Device: Before starting any treatment, familiarise yourself with your specific neck traction device. Whether it's a cervical neck brace, neck stretcher, or cervical traction device, each comes with unique features and adjustment settings, such as integrated wireless airbag support or multiple height and angle adjustments. Reading the manufacturer’s instructions carefully is essential.

2. Correct Positioning: Positioning is key to effective traction. Ensure the device is correctly adjusted to fit your neck without causing discomfort. The ergonomic design of many devices helps improve the physiological curve of the cervical spine, but incorrect positioning can lead to increased discomfort or potential injury.

3. Gradual Start: When you begin using a neck traction device, start with shorter sessions to allow your body to adjust to the traction. A typical starting point might be 15 minutes per session, gradually increasing as you become more comfortable with the device. It’s recommended to use the device twice a day, but always listen to your body and reduce the frequency if you experience any pain or discomfort.

4. Consistency Is Key: Regular use is important for achieving the best results. Consistent, gentle stretching helps relieve compression and supports the natural curvature of the cervical spine. However, overuse can be counterproductive, so it’s important to maintain a balanced regimen.

5. Monitoring Your Progress: Pay attention to how your body responds to the treatment. Some discomfort is normal when starting out with cervical traction, but any sharp or persistent pain should be taken seriously. Discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional if you experience adverse effects.

6. Maintaining the Device: To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your neck traction device, regular maintenance is necessary. Clean the device according to the manufacturer's instructions—most are designed with materials like mesh cloth and fleece that are easy to clean and maintain. Check for any signs of wear or damage before use, as safety cannot be guaranteed with a damaged device.

7. Safe Environment: Finally, ensure the environment in which you use the device is conducive to relaxation and safety. Use the device in a stable, comfortable setting where you can sit or lie down safely—whether you're reading, watching television, or simply taking a break from work.

By following these guidelines, you can maximise the therapeutic benefits of your neck traction device while ensuring a safe and effective home treatment experience.

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