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OrthoPro - Patella Gel Pad Compression Knee Brace Support

OrthoPro - Patella Gel Pad Compression Knee Brace Support

"This brace was a turning point for my pain relief. It has a good fit. I am sure I have arthritis, and this brace isn’t a miracle healer, but after wearing this for 2 weeks I am pain free." - Cassidy F ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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🔸 New Upgraded Professional Knee Brace For Better Performance

🔸 Professional Knee Brace, Medical Grade Pain Relief  

🔸 Anatomically Contoured Patella Silicone Gel Pads, Double-Side Metal Spring Stabilisers.  

🔸 Double anti-slip technology: Non-slip silicone strip and plastic webbing stitched inside it. 

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🔸 3D THREE-DIMENSIONAL STRUCTURE OF WOVEN: High-precision 3D cutting technology of knitting, ergonomic, 360-degree body curve perfect fit knee, wearing more comfortable. 

🔸 SPRING KNEE SUPPORT TECHNOLOGY: A patella gel pad surrounds your kneecap, and double-sided metal spring stabilizers fit tightly around your knee joint. These special functional elements strengthen side support and maintain joint stability. It effectively disperses knee pressure while keeping your knee warm and lubricating your joints, so it will prevent potential sports injuries without sacrificing your performance!

🔸 UPGRADED & INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Adopts the Anti-Inflammatory therapy, high-elastic tight, and breathable compression fabric to fit perfectly with your knee curve. There are side spring stabilizers on both sides, and the patella gel pad won't fall off easily during use.

🔸 COMPRESSION FUNCTION: Targeted compression to your knee, which helps joint and muscle pain relief and faster recovery after intense workouts or injuries, is scientifically proven to help improve poor blood circulation and increase oxygen flow to optimize the natural healing process and reduce inflammation for knee pain relief from acute or chronic joint injuries

🔸 ABSORBENT, BREATHABLE, SKIN-FRIENDLY COMFORT: The air-knit, breathable, fast-dry, and lightweight fabric can instantly absorb and evaporate lots of sweat, and circular breathing. You can wear it under jeans or leggings and sleep with it, thicker than other knee protectors to provide extra reinforcement without sacrificing comfort, so you can wear them all day long. 

🔸 MULTIFUNCTION: Ideal for high-performance training, sports, and exercise, worn by competitive and recreational athletes. Widely used in many sports such as basketball, football, running, jogging, volleyball, gym, tennis, hiking, workout, weightlifting, and more. Unisex and suitable for both left and right legs. 

Enjoy every moment of sports and daily activities

knee brace for sport activities

Say goodbye to knee pain with our Patella Gel Pad Compression Knee Brace! Our incredibly soft and lightweight knee support brace is made to help you get back in the game. Made with 3D weaving technology and the highest quality. The knee brace provides the ideal balance of comfort and support to keep you moving and lessen muscle and joint pain. Plus, it is kept in place during a variety of activities thanks to its non-slip silicon strips. Get the best knee support you need now with our sports knee brace!


🔅 Copper Lons Infused Fiber Technology: Anatomically Contoured Patella Gel Pads and Double-Sided Spring Side Stabilizers. These special functional elements strengthen the side support and maintain joint stability, effectively disperse the heat, and keep your relaxed knee warm.  

🔅 Horizontal Knit Technology: Different from similar products, the rear of the kneecap is a breathable design. The fabrics will not be congested in the popliteal nest during exercise, nor will sweat accumulate. 

🔅 Double Anti-slip Design: Upgrade the defects of similar products. Elastic webbing stitched inside and medical grade non-slip silicone strip, no sliding, and itchiness.

🔅 Special Functional Fabric: Breathable and lightweight air-knit fabric, that keeps the skin feeling cool all the time. High-elastic fabric provides enough compression for your knee.

compression knee brace support


🔻 Relieve muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and soreness

🔻 Suitable for sports and outdoor activities. 

🔻 Provide 360 degrees of protection and pressure for optimized knee movement. 

🔻 Made with an Anti-skid silicone strip, prevent slipping in the process of movement

compression knee brace support uk


  • Material: Nylon, Spandex, Latex Silk, Silicone Pad
  • Function: Protection, Breathable, Non-Slip
  • Thickness: Thick
  • Protection class: Professional Protection
  • Usage: Daily Activities + Sports 
  • Colour: Grey


  • 1 x Patella Gel Pad Compression Knee Brace (1pc, not a pair)


Hand wash in cold water, then air dry. Not recommended for machine washing.

The lifespan is dependent on your usage habits and frequency. Generally speaking, with proper use and maintenance, it will last 6-12 months.

This depends on you because the size chart is only a reference, it does not apply to everyone. Generally speaking, our standard is: If you feel it has enough compression whilst wearing it for a period of time, and you do not feel any discomfort, then it proves it's your size.

Yes. The knee brace will work well whether you wear it inside or outside your clothing, and it won't limit your movement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Sharon Hayes
Support where you need it

These knee brace supports gives support to the extent that my knees had immediate support and comfort. It’s comfortable to wear. I am able to walk without discomfort.

Jervis Devonshire
OrthoPro knee brace support

Excellent support, very comfortable, it is my second purchase, swift service.

Graham Brooks
The best knee brace since sliced bread

It gives me great support with flexibility & the confidence to continue
Playing bowls. It is so well made & well worth the price.
Thank you for a great product & a very quick & friendly sales team.

Kristina Heaney

I bought this due to lateral knee pain I was having, fits true to size of the leg. I have been wearing the brace while walking and jogging. It will slide if you do not have it in the right place so make sure to pull it all the way up. The extra padding is nice and does help for kneeling.

Damon Bahringer

The brace is excellent, gives me good support and is very comfortable. Easy to put on and take off. The gel ring around the kneecap helps it stay in place. Looks like it will hold up. I've had it for about a month. I'm thinking of buying another so I'll have a pair.

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